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Debbie Flint
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Debbie's News posted 7 July 2015

  • Vintage QVC blooper tapes, getting the keys to my new house, and Davina on QVC, Wednesday 8th!

    Vintage QVC blooper tapes, getting the keys to my new house, and Davina on QVC, Wednesday 8th! Oh-oh! It’s ‘easily-distracted era’! As my Big Clear Out enters it’s ‘war-zone’ phase (the house is a complete tip!) and finding so much cool stuff from the past means it’s easy to get distracted and sit down to watch/read/reminisce. Like the old QVC blooper tapes – I found the VHS’s from 1996 and 1997. Here’s a taster, but lots more have also been put on Youtube, so I’ll have to get rid of the old ones! Maybe I should auction them for my Detector Dogs…
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  • Up and Away - Helicopter Lesson! And Bruce's Angels invade Chiswick House.

    Up and Away - Helicopter Lesson! And Bruce's Angels invade Chiswick House. So I went up in a helicopter! What an amazing TiFFT (try it for the first time club) that was! I didn’t actually fly it much, but the Groupon Voucher my lovely son Brad bought me meant I got to make it turn, whilst high up in the air, and also lift off and lower down – really tiny tiny movements, too, you’d never credit it. If I was rich, I’d definitely do it some more – such a freeing feeling to be flying! For…
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  • Comment Link Debbie Flint 22 August 2014 posted by Debbie Flint

    thank you all so much - I can't tell you how much it means to have so many well-wishers. I hope my future books wont let you down! Big hugs to all! mwah! x

  • Comment Link Lisa 17 August 2014 posted by Lisa

    I can't think of anyone more deserving, you always give honest thoughts and bring a smile to my face x

  • Comment Link Mms.Critchley 16 August 2014 posted by Mms.Critchley

    Congratulations Debbie after all the hard graft you have put in you deserve it.

  • Comment Link Emily Curtis 16 August 2014 posted by Emily Curtis

    Well done Debbie amazing announcement in Soooooooo pleased for you and cant wait for ttfls hardback signed books become available to buy cxx

  • Comment Link Sharon harvey 15 August 2014 posted by Sharon harvey

    Congratulations Debbie! Thoroughly deserved to a wonderful, hard working Author and presenter! Onwards and Upwards! "She bieved she could and she did" xxxx

  • Comment Link Kaz 15 August 2014 posted by Kaz

    Brilliant News! You so deserve it!!
    Here's to many more magic books!!!

    Big Congrats...Kaz Xx

  • Comment Link Karen 15 August 2014 posted by Karen

    Fan'bloody'tastic lady xxxxxxx

  • Comment Link Anne Dorrington 15 August 2014 posted by Anne Dorrington

    Well done Debbie, I am so happy for you. You really deserve it. XXX

  • Comment Link Gill Gauntlett 15 August 2014 posted by Gill Gauntlett

    So happy for you Debbie, no one deserves it more! Happy writing so many more xxx

  • Comment Link Eileen 15 August 2014 posted by Eileen

    Congratulations, so pleased for you. You really have worked so hard for it. Looking forward to lots more books in the future. xx

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